A new partnership with QScale: Micro Logic establishes international presence in the processing of artificial intelligence

July 4 2023

Nouveau partenariat avec QScale : Micro Logic se positionne à l’international dans le traitement de l’intelligence artificielle

Québec City, July 4, 2023 – Micro Logic is proud to announce that it has launched an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) model developed through a new partnership with Quebec-based company QScale, who specializes in sustainable colocation digital infrastructure. This partnership puts Micro Logic on the world stage, providing large organizations with a high-performance solution for AI applications on Projet Cirrus, a fully sovereign cloud that runs on clean energy.

Micro Logic will allow its customers to leverage high-performance computing (HPC) for uses such as deep learning, modeling and simulations for industrial, commercial, scientific and academic applications.

This will make it easier for Micro Logic’s customers to sustainably process massive amounts of data and solve complex problems at a speed that outperforms any other solution currently on the market, while preserving the integrity of data and intellectual property. Micro Logic will also make hundreds of pre-trained artificial intelligence models available as part of its offer, accelerating the development of applications in a variety of industries and research fields.

Placing energy recovery at the core of the new model

The equipment will be deployed in QScale’s sustainable data processing centre, powered by clean energy and designed to recover waste heat. The collaboration between the two companies will ensure that Micro Logic’s AI solutions comply with best practices in sustainable development.

“Currently, companies wishing to leverage AI have little choice but to export their sensitive data and have it processed abroad in extremely energy-intensive facilities,” explained Stéphane Garneau, President of Micro Logic. “Thanks to our agreement with QScale, we can offer an alternative that I believe to be the obvious choice: the data stays here, in a sovereign cloud protected by Canadian laws, and is processed entirely using clean energy.”

“This partnership with Micro Logic affirms our commitment to transforming the AI landscape in Quebec,” said Martin Bouchard, President of QScale. “Through our sustainable data processing technology, we’re helping to position Quebec as a major player in the field of AI on a global scale. Our goal is to give Quebec businesses access to high-performance computing solutions while supporting their commitment to sustainable development. This collaboration is an important step in achieving our goal.”

Making Quebec a household name in AI worldwide

The announcement marks a new milestone in the Quebec-based company’s meteoric rise and establishes it as a credible provider of cloud computing and AI solutions on the world stage.

“Another dream come true!” exclaimed Stéphane Garneau. “Local companiespropelled to new heights thanks to a renowned partnerare gaining international recognition with an AI solution unlike any other in the world. By creating niche jobs and developing unique expertise, Quebec is set to become a major player in terms of sovereign cloud solutions and artificial intelligence.”

The potential for Micro Logic is enormous. The company’s unique offering is a game changer, making ready-to-use models easily accessible to drive growth and competitiveness in local and international businesses at a time when demand for AI solutions is growing exponentially. Micro Logic is poised to cater to customers from all over the world. In addition, thanks to the company’s partnership with QScale, their data will be processed using clean energy.

About Micro Logic

Micro Logic is a Quebec-based company that plays a leading role in the world of digital transformation. It has become one of Canada’s most important IT solutions providers. Its flagship product, Project Cirrus, is a world-class cloud platform that offers data security and sovereignty, in compliance with Canadian laws and regulations.

About QScale

QScale develops environmentally responsible computing centres specifically designed for high-performance computing, supercomputing and machine learning. The company’s Lévis campus (QScale Q01) is the first facility in Canada to receive the OCP Ready™ recognition, attesting to its energy efficiency and scalability. QScale’s technology infrastructures help meet the growing computing needs of global businesses, while enabling them to achieve their ESG objectives.

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Nouveau partenariat avec QScale : Micro Logic se positionne à l’international dans le traitement de l’intelligence artificielle


Alexandra Boudreault
Catapulte communication


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