Micro Logic collabore avec NVIDIA pour accélérer l’adoption de l’intelligence artificielle au Canada

Micro Logic collaborates with NVIDIA to fast-track the use of artificial intelligence in Canada

July 18 2023

Québec City, July 17, 2023 — Advancing its goals in artificial intelligence (AI) processing, Micro Logic today announced it is now a regional Cloud Service Provider for DGX systems in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) program in Canada. 

“Micro Logic has made spectacular strides in recent years, bringing together top-level professionals to develop unique expertise and deliver cutting-edge solutions that have set it apart in the industry. We’re very proud to be advancing these goals further by enabling Canadian businesses to use NVIDIA DGX systems for AI,” says Stéphane Garneau, President of Micro Logic.  

“AI is helping businesses create new opportunities across industries including automotive, healthcare, retail and manufacturing,” said Tony Paikeday, senior director of AI systems at NVIDIA. “Micro Logic’s expertise and solutions, paired with NVIDIA DGX systems, provides Canadian enterprises an ideal platform for using AI to solve real-world business challenges.” 

Making data protection and sovereignty a priority 

As an NPN Cloud Service Provider for NVIDIA DGX, Micro Logic will create new opportunities for its customers to build advanced AI applications and services in the worlds first 100% Canadian sovereign cloud environment, called Projet Cirrus. DGX systems include NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform, which offers more than 100 AI frameworks, pre-trained models and tools for AI and data science. 

Businesses will now be able to redefine the limits of innovation in the industrial, commercial, scientific, and academic sectors. 

It’s also a particularly attractive solution for businesses undergoing a digital transformation and planning to leverage AI in the next few years, as they can now turn to a cloud-based solution designed to natively deploy advanced models. 

“Organizations’ data and intellectual property are the raw material used to train AI models,” explains Garneau. “This data is invaluable. Our mission is not only to protect it and keep it under Canadian jurisdiction, but also to ensure it can be used and leveraged. Thanks to our sovereign cloud, Projet Cirrus, businesses will now have access to NVIDIA’s advanced models to fast-track their adoption of AI.This major announcement will transform the way we approach the most complex applications, creating endless opportunities for progress.” 

Putting humans first 

“The incredible talent we’re bringing together and our expertise in cloud computing and AI will put both Micro Logic and Canada on the world stage,” adds Garneau. “All Canadians will benefit from this exposure and the impact it will have.” 

Micro Logic’s breakthrough in the AI market has the potential to create numerous specialized jobs, promote the growth of Canadian businesses, and make Canada a technology hub that will attract an international clientele eager to leverage its data and AI in a secure, sovereign cloud. 

Micro Logic collabore avec NVIDIA pour accélérer l’adoption de l’intelligence artificielle au Canada


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