À la recherche d'alternatives aux hyperscalers

Finding Alternatives to Hyperscalers

March 5 2024

This article is part of a series on the costs of cloud transformation.
→ by Dean McGrath

According to the report Tangible Business Value from Cloud Transformation Remains Elusive, 26% of organizations terminated their multi-year service contract with their primary hyperscaler in the past year.

This worrisome trend cannot be ignored. While 97% of organizations consider the cloud to be a vital investment, many of them seem to be jumping ship when it comes to hyperscale providers. Why is this, and whom are they turning to instead?

Flexibility and guidance

In addition to high and uncertain costs, the report also mentions that 15% of respondents received guidance that was more focused on the hyperscaler’s gains than on their business success. Hence, they are increasingly turning towards alternatives.

This marks a significant shift in the cloud landscape: businesses are seeking out more flexible solutions and human guidance. Thankfully, such solutions already exist. And they can be adopted from the outset by choosing the right provider.

Serving client needs first

Our philosophy is based on a thorough understanding of client needs. This is evidenced in each aspect of the Cirrus experience—from transparent pricing and flexible, non-binding contracts to local services provided by a team near you.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a guiding principle that sets us apart from conventional hyperscaler models. Cirrus clients skip the middleman and receive service directly from the manufacturer.

Moreover, a good alternative cloud provider does more than just help organizations solve their challenge; it paves the way for a more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective cloud experience. Cirrus can do all this for you.

In the next and final article of this series, I will present the Cirrus sovereign cloud and explain how it inherently solves the range of issues identified in the report Tangible Business Value from Cloud Transformation Remains Elusive.

Dean McGrath
With nearly 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Dean McGrath has worked in various areas, including enterprise storage and servers, data protection, and cloud computing. As the Market Leader – Cloud Offering at Micro Logic, he now leverages his expertise to help organizations succeed in their digital transformation and transition to the cloud.


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