Ace Your Move to the Cloud with Cirrus

March 5 2024

This article is part of a series on the costs of cloud transformation.
→ by Dean McGrath

Ever since Cirrus was deployed in 2014, Micro Logic has seen concerns raised about cloud migration to hyperscalers, as outlined in the report Tangible Business Value from Cloud Transformation Remains Elusive. This led our company to actively work on a cloud offer that would tackle such issues.

Cirrus was born out of a bold vision to innovate on the cloud market and compete with American tech giants. The goal was not only to provide cloud services, but also to transform their delivery and use.

Micro Logic’s guiding philosophy has always been to minimize operating costs and optimize IT infrastructure to proactively avoid issues that could arise at any step of a digital transformation. This goal served as a cornerstone to develop powerful, cost-efficient and transparent cloud services that now make up the leading sovereign cloud in Canada.

Betting on transparency

Micro Logic’s unique approach is naturally suited to address the challenges outlined in the report. The Cirrus model does away with hidden fees, unlike traditional hyperscalers. This level of transparency is vital for businesses who require financial predictability as they move to the cloud.

Breaking the chains

Captive and proprietary models causing vendor lock-in are a growing concern in the cloud industry.  Cirrus addresses this issue with standard technologies that ensure high-quality and flexible services with ease of migration. This makes it possible to transfer workloads without being burdened by typical hyperscaler constraints.

Optimizing cloud use

Rather than pushing clients to consume more than they need, we encourage them to make smart use of resources to avoid overprovisioning and unnecessary expenses. Our cloud solution architects endeavour to meet stated business needs while minimizing operating expenses.

Facilitating the cloud transition

Micro Logic understands the intricacies of cloud migration and offers simple, cost-effective “lift and shift” solutions. This strategy is especially useful for businesses seeking to modernize and refactor their applications with cloud-native solutions at their own pace. It allows them to enjoy long-term support for their Cirrus deployments.

Delivering flexibility on a hybrid cloud

The Cirrus model is hybrid by nature, enabling flexible cloud deployments and efficient interconnection with hyperscaler platforms as required. This flexibility is crucial to meet specific needs without being limited by a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Offering high-level expertise and local support

Micro Logic clearly stands out by offering clients custom services right from the integration stage, including a dedicated project team and optional deployment and operations assistance.

What’s more, businesses enjoy technical support from local experts who speak their language when they opt for Cirrus, which is a significant benefit in terms of responsiveness and cultural alignment.

Simplifying agreements and SLAs

At Micro Logic, transparency applies not only to pricing but also to service-level agreements (SLAs) and master service agreements. These documents are meant to be clear, simple and easy to understand, so we did away with the complexity and ambiguities often found in standard cloud service agreements.

In addition to all these tangible benefits, Cirrus is verified by VMware as a sovereign cloud and meets the most stringent industry standards and requirements. This makes it an especially attractive alternative to hyperscalers for local organizations.

From initial analysis to post-deployment support, you can rely on our innovative company for guidance as you migrate to the cloud.

This article is the last instalment in our series about the report Tangible Business Value from Cloud Transformation Remains Elusive. The trends found in this report are in line with our own findings. Want to adopt a smarter alternative to your hyperscaler? You are not alone, and we would be glad to support you.

Dean McGrath
With nearly 30 years of experience in the IT industry, Dean McGrath has worked in various areas, including enterprise storage and servers, data protection, and cloud computing. As the Market Leader – Cloud Offering at Micro Logic, he now leverages his expertise to help organizations succeed in their digital transformation and transition to the cloud.


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