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What is Micro Logic DNA ?

March 28 2019

Last month, CPHR (Chartered Professionals in Human Resources) published an article on human resources management at Micro Logic. We are so proud to know that our work climate is as well seen from the outside as from the inside! In today’s article, we will review the major points discussed in the article as written by Mrs. Chantal Lamoureux, Director of Professional Development at the CPHR. See for yourself what Micro Logic DNA is!

The importance of DNA

A for Affiliation

Feeling that one is part of the family manifests itself in different ways: in the recruitment process, in the candidate experience, in the integration of employees and managers, as well as in the process of performance management. Everything is orchestrated so that every day, people feel that we care about them and that Micro Logic will be there to support them, no matter what happens in their lives. “In my opinion, during the 15 to 20 years that you will spend here, there will certainly be two years when you will experience down moments. In these moments, we will be there for you. HR programs are important, but we adapt them for everyone. I’m sure that 99% of the people here have been able to benefit one day or another from the adaptation of a program, “says Stéphane Garneau, President of Micro Logic.
There is a strong connection between team members and this can affect  customer service and business strategy. “There are people here who have been working in a particular department for over 20 years. We continue to offer this service even if our business model has evolved, because we owe it to these people, “says the director of human resources at Micro Logic.

D for common Denominator

Why are we doing this at Micro Logic? “Because everyone has so much at heart that it works! Everyone embarks on the projects, invests and takes the success of Micro Logic to heart, “says Stéphane.
For years, philanthropy is encouraged and the company chooses to support a project of the CHU of Quebec by performing a deduction at source, which is doubled by the employer. This summer, for lack of time, Stéphane did not have the opportunity to present a project; at the same time, it was inconceivable not to involve the team! He chose to be transparent, and in less than 10 minutes the employees naturally committed $ 35 000. “People help because they have received help,” concludes Stéphane to explain this spontaneous gesture. It is this desire to do good that is the common denominator.

N for Necessary compassion

Every morning, Stéphane starts his day by going to the floor and saying hello to everyone, like many other managers. But he adds, “I feel it when people are not feeling well, and I invite them to come and talk to me in my office. Every day, I adjust various situations. And it does not stop there. I follow up. I make sure it’s better. I’m checking in. ”
Stéphane continues: “Every weekend, I will attend funerals: family members of an employee, or customers. When I’m there, I feel the sadness of people, and I act compassionately to help them get through. “Compassion is one of the key elements of the particular DNA that Stéphane strives to make everyone live so that employees can also make it live to others.
Marie-Hélène, as an HR professional, admits that she has been confronted in the past with the task of making people happy. But now, she knows that she can make a difference in people’s lives. “I can not make them happy or make them smile all the time, but I can help them in a more difficult time. I can give them access to resources they do not know about. I can help them make choices, “she explains. She is fundamentally convinced that she creates strong bonds with these people, and that these links will not be easily broken.

Micro Logic’s DNA is also aligned with humanity and transparency

According to Stéphane and Marie-Hélène, people in organizations would benefit from showing more humanity. “Entrepreneurs who have not yet understood that they need people and need to treat them with consideration will not succeed,” says Stéphane. He added that the contribution of HR professionals is now essential for managers and employees. Marie-Hélène adds: “When we celebrated the milestone of 100 million dollars in sales, Stephen proudly told me that what made him excited to reach this new milestone was the fact that Micro Logic would now be big enough to have an HR team. ”
Being humane should also lead us to be more transparent. Stéphane and Marie-Hélène recognize that even for them, it is not always easy. Recently, they began to hear people say things such as “the direction has decided that …” or “the direction wants that …”. This was an important signal, which they received. “We need people to find solutions to our issues and challenges. If we want people to contribute, we have to tell them the real things, “explains Stéphane. They rolled up their sleeves and they work on it.

To conclude
Micro Logic DNA is very marked in the entreprise, thanks to these people! Our growth in the recent years has only been possible through the value that each employee is striving to add. We are pleased to have each one of you among us and we thank you for adding your unique touch to Micro Logic DNA!
To read the full article, visit the CPHR Website: https://ordrecrha.org/en-CA/resources/revue-rh/volume-22-no-1/micro-logic-when-who-said- make happy/


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