On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Micro Logic continues its journey to become Canada’s leader in cloud computing

September 14 2023

Quebec City, September 14, 2023 — With its more than 400 employees, manufacturing partners in the information technology (IT) industry, and its strategic customers, Micro Logic is proud and grateful to celebrate its 40 years of existence in a continuously-evolving industry. It is an opportunity to once again highlight the company’s rapid growth and continue on its ambitions of expanding the reach of its sovereign cloud Projet Cirrus to become the Canadian leader in cloud computing.

Founded in 1983 in Quebec City, Micro Logic was originally established following the launch of Apple products in Canada. Following its acquisition by its the current president, Mr. Stéphane Garneau in 2009, the 35-employee organization went thru a significant transformation to adapt and thrive in the new reality of the IT industry. Several new business units were introduced as the company embarked on a new direction that brought it to continuously reinvent itself. Today, Micro Logic ranks among the largest IT solutions providers in Canada, multiplying its revenue tenfold in less than 10 years, and can now build on the contribution of more than 350 experts. Building on this exceptional momentum, Micro Logic plans to exceed the 1,000-expert mark across the country within the next 5 years.

It is a great honor for our team to gather our partners, our employees and customers on the occasion of this 40th anniversary,” said Stéphane Garneau. “We celebrate the success of a homegrown company that has positioned itself among world-class giants, while laying the groundwork for our future as a cloud computing manufacturer. Proud of our past and achievements, we embark on this new era with enthusiasm and absolute commitment. To me, this is just the beginning of our wonderful story.

“To courageously follow one’s instincts”

With ambitions, genuine audacity, and a deep knowledge of the IT industry, Stéphane Garneau initiated a major transformation within the company upon his arrival. Several business units were developed successively. “We operate in an ever-changing industry. Hence the importance of making bold decisions and anticipating two or three moves ahead. We had to show courage to get where we are today. We had to follow our instincts, despite the omnipresent risks. We showed courage and audacity on numerous occasions. I find it even more relevant today as we reflect on our past,” added Stéphane Garneau, remembering that back in 2014, seeing the global cloud computing trend emerge, he took the bet that a local company could become a cloud manufacturer and compete with global giants. On the 40th anniversary of Micro Logic, the president unveiled the four pillars upon which the business model now relies: Cloud Computing, Data, Cybersecurity/Networking, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A growth plan of over $150 million to conquer markets outside Quebec was recently initiated, supported by strategic external investors, including Desjardins Capital, BDC Capital, and Investissement Québec. Micro Logic’s cloud computing offering advantageously as a member of an exclusive club consisting of only four officially recognized sovereign cloud providers in North America.


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