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Sovereign Cloud

Ensure the protection and sovereignty of your data with Cirrus, a robust and certified Sovereign Cloud.

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Enhance your defence against fast-evolving cyberthreats thanks to our tailored services and our advanced solutions.

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Our Commitment Towards Sustainable Development

We know technologies have a substantial impact on our environment. Micro Logic is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its activities and the solutions it offers, through concrete and measurable actions.

In particular, Micro Logic has set itself the goal of powering 100% of its public cloud computing offering with renewable energy by 2030.

Other initiatives aimed at realizing this commitment for greener IT will be put forward in the near future.

Let’s Make It Work Together

Feeling accomplished matters! As Micro Logic thrives and shines in the industry, this is your opportunity to grow and evolve with us.

Micro Logic is proud of every single individual who contributes to its success. Here, you will work on major projects where your expertise is highlighted, alongside seasoned colleagues, and in partnership with other renowned partners of the IT industry.

We offer unique IT and cloud computing career opportunities in an environment like you’ve never seen before!

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